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Acadiana is gearing up for Christmas holidy travel

Posted at 6:09 PM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 23:08:37-05

AAA is expecting Americans to break records this week with holiday travel with more than one-third of the country expected to hit the road, the skies or the tracks.

The travel period officially starts tomorrow. Before the big rush,  KATC spoke to people around Acadiana to find out how they will make their way around the country this Christmas.

Gas prices across Acadiana are averaging less than two dollars a gallon, and that’s why so many people will drive to their Christmas destinations.

On average, a gallon of gas is costing Americans about 22 cents less than last year, and at a time when we’re spending more on family and friends, people here say it’s always good to save somewhere.

Those savings making more visits possible for people like Theresa Desormeaux who will have family and a new baby in town.

“They’re coming from Austin, Texas,” Desormeaux says. “And, are they driving?” “Oh, yes.”

Pat Broussard is making the trip to see her family. She is planning on making the drive this Christmas.

“Today, I’m going to visit an aunt. That’s part of visiting,” she said.

Even for those staying in town all week, driving around is looking much more attractive.

“I’m doing a little more traveling around town. You kind of want to stay home when gas is three dollars a gallon, but you don’t mind getting out at $1.85 [a gallon],” said one driver.

Over one hundred million people are predicted to travel this weekend with 102 million of them going by car.