Anti-violence Rally Saturday aims to Hit Home and have Impact

levy rally.jpg
Posted at 8:43 AM, Aug 20, 2021

While the world navigates the Covid-19 pandemic, some say the pandemic of violence is just as deadly. Local Pastor Lawrence Levy is hosting an anti-violence rally to address some important topics, with an added bit of shock value.

"This is going to be a realistic re-enactment of violence, people being murdered, shot down, police officers, racial divide and many other things we deal with from peer pressure, alcoholism, drug addiction," explains Levy.

He calls this form of street ministry 'The Funeral is Cancelled,' and he has held similar events across the state. He believes this is much more impactful than a traditional sermon.

"People leave with a different perspective and an outlook on the violence that is happening and how close to home that it is happening versus me telling them it could hit your house. it could be your son, it could be your daughter. but when they see this what I put together, all these people leave with a different perspective a different outlook on what we can do as community leaders to combat this," he says.

As members of the Acadiana community, we're all impacted in some way by any violence or crime that happens here. And Pastor Levy says the conversation can only be productive if everybody shows up.

"I want every single person in Acadiana to come out because this is our community this is where we stay. Everybody who lost somebody to gun violence to be there. We want to love on them, to make sure they know the person that you lost, we understand their memory lives on through you," says Levy.

He says white candles are welcome at this event. It will be a rally, with a performance and police presence Saturday at 6 at Louisiana Ave and Simcoe Street.