Alcohol delivery services will soon be at your front door

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jul 09, 2019

You will soon be able to have alcohol delivered to your home. Governor Edwards recently signed a law allowing delivery services like Instacart, Shipt, Waitr and others to deliver beer, wine and liquor. There are still some restrictions for those who will order.

Carlos Todaro manages the Marcello's Wine Bar in Lafayette.

"Oh. we are excited, we really are. I feel like it would be a great addition to the services we give to our customers," Todaro said.

He says when they heard the news about the alochol being delievered through delivery services, he knew it would benefit his store.

"It will be very convenient. But the key is going to be the person receiving the product must be over 21 years old," Todaro said.

The delivery would be simple. The delivery driver would come to the store and pick up your preffered drink. They would then check out and coe to your house to deliver it and check your ID just to make sure you're over the age of 21.

As for the restrictions:

The beverages must be in factory consealed container, so restyrants will not be allowed to sell cocktails for delivery. All delivery drivers will have to get training and a bar card as well.

Some people don't believe the service is necessary.

"I don't see that being something I would do on a date night or something I would do on a regular basis," Tyre Brown said.

Some other things that will have to be established is wether food will have to be purchased with the alochol and whether there is a limit on how much alcohol can be delievered at one time.