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Two Crowley police officers address council upon resignation

Posted at 12:00 AM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 01:00:08-04

The Crowley City Council now knows that at least two officers didn't feel safe while out on duty.

Those officers resigned and wrote letters, letting city leaders know exactly what they think needs to change.

Alderwoman Kim Stringfellow read aloud the two letters during Wednesday night's city council meeting.

Stringfellow read, "Patrolmen are going out to shootings, such as the one on North Western Avenue, with full knowledge that the body armor they are issued will not stop the rounds that are being fired."

According to Police Chief Jimmy Broussard, despite the department's budget increase this year, they still come up short in certain areas.

"If I touch any of that money, it affects those officers, so I'm stuck," asserted Chief Broussard. "I'm trying to work with a more realistic budget by trying to follow the line items."

Stringfellow says the council isn't to blame for the officers' concerns, but poor communication is the issue.

"Did we know that officers had substandard equipment to work with? No, we did not," said Stringfellow. "We should not get the blame for increasing the budget. That's all I'm saying. We were upset with the letter, and we don't want to lose any more good officers."

Both the council and chief agreed they want to move forward together and provide the police department with better equipment.

"We could have some request or a wishlist [from the police department]," offered Stringfellow.

The chief said he would have a list for the council by next week.

"There was a lot going on in the first few months," admitted Broussard. "There was a lot that created a lot of animosity that I think is now being settled."