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Crowley Police Department seeks salary increase

Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 22, 2023

The Crowley Police Department has lost nine officers just since January, and Crowley Police Chief Troy Hebert knows why: It's the pay.

Hebert says he's preparing to ask the council for more money.

Ethan Smith, a patrol officer for Crowley Police Department for seven years, says he misses holidays and special moments with his family because of the personnel shortage.

"I have three children myself, and you're already missing holidays on it's own because of how your shift work. Then on top of that, with all the extra hours you're working, your family is basically here. You don't see your real family much," Smith says.

Chief Hebert says he doesn't want to loose any more police department employees.

According to him, over 20 officers have resigned in recent years; 19 of them cited low pay as the reason.

"In 2021 we had lost 21 police officers over the year. Now, if you think about that we have 22 that actually work, so when you hire somebody it takes approximately six months before you can turn them loose on the road with all the training we have to receive," Chief Hebert says.

The starting pay rate for the Crowley Police Department is $12.66 per hour with a $500 dollar raise after 3 months.

According to Hebert, employees quitting has been an ongoing issue.

When asked what keeps him motivated, Smith tells us:

"We have to keep each other motivated. The citizens we get to talk to them a little bit every now and then, it's just to help the community out period. That's all we do it for anyway. It definitely ain't the money," Smith says.

The Crowley Police Department said they are looking to fill those nine job openings.