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Billeaud's Grocery Store shares they are prepared for Thanksgiving week

Posted at 5:42 PM, Nov 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-21 18:42:52-05

Thanksgiving Day is near, and for Bryce Johnson, The Billeaud Grocery Store Supervisor, these past few days have been very busy, as sells have increased substantially.

Bryce Johnson, Billeaud Grocery Store Supervisor said, "This week being compared to the rest, of the year our sales have been up, turkey rolls, turkeys, whole turkeys, stuffed rolls, specialty meats for our customers there isn't anything we won't do for them.

For residents buying groceries the experience has changed a lot, due to inflation raising the cost of goods.

"It's been a little hectic shopping for Thanksgiving, I've got 2 kids at home so their eating me out of a house, groceries are really high.", said Robin Aark, who is a Local Resident.

According to Garet, the store manager here their store has not experienced a turkey shortage, and sales of turkeys have been good this year.

Garet Vannoy, Billeaud Grocery Store Manager said, "It's been really busy leading up to this week, and it's only going to increase over the next 3 days we give our employees off on Thanksgiving Day, so they can be with their families, everybody is going to squeeze in here for the next few days to get all their stuff ready for Thanksgiving Day and we're ready for them."

If you are grocery shopping for Thanksgiving you may want to shop early because some stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, including Billeaud Grocery Store.