Tips to survive the summer heat

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 19:12:58-04

While Acadiana is in a heat advisory, it’s important to stay cool.

Several kids used the splash pad in Parc Sans Souci during the hot daylight hours. Diedra Batiste was one mother who took advantage of the water spot.

“To beat the heat, the girls watch TV, or stay on their tablets, occasionally going outside,” Batiste said.

With the advisory, the mother felt like water play was best. Batiste said, “Coming here keeps me cool too, and it gives them something fun to do outside.”

But with outdoor play, or work, can come dehydration.

Lafayette Haz-Mat Fire Chief, Chad Sonnier, says he and his men hydrate hours before their shifts.

“As firefighters, we stay hydrated even before we get to work. We have to be hydrated when an emergency occurs, so we start drinking water long before our shifts start,” Sonnier said.

He warns dehydration can come easy in extreme heats.

“If you get any type of muscle cramp or feel light headed,stop immediately find air condition, or anywhere that there is a fan, sit in front of it, cool off again before you go back out,” Sonnier said.

Even while playing or working, you can feel fine. Sonnier warns dehydration can sneak up, even hours after you’ve been outside.

“You can go home take a shower, lay down, get cramps, that’s just the first sign, so make sure you drink water before, during, and after.” Sonnier said.

The Fire Chief also says its important to check on elderly friends and family.

Remember to not leave animals outside for very long, providing them with plenty of fresh water and shade.