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Bill to change labels of food items in stores

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jun 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 23:30:59-04

“What’s in a name?” For state lawmakers, quite a lot when it comes to food. This week, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 152, which could mean changes for food labels.

Go to any grocery store and it’s easy to see that consumers have a lot of options these days.

“I would like to know what I’m buying at the store, while I’m buying it. So I think it will help the consumer,” Adrien’s customer Tyler Raggio said.

That’s where the Truth in Labeling Bill comes in.

“It has become a practice now to take one product and sell as it if were another product,” Mike Strain, Commissioner of Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry said.

For instance, with products like “cauliflower rice,” Strain explained that people believe it is a “rice” product when it is not.

When asked if he believes that consumers also have a hard time telling the difference in regular milk and almond milk, Stained said yes.

“There are articles and studies. They are not a replacement for milk, so it’s a substitute beverage. So, there is growing evidence that it is causing problems. Especially in young mothers who do not know the difference,” Strain said.

Some brands, like Birds-Eye, have already changed their products name from cauliflower rice to riced cauliflower. The change however is not just for dairy and veggies.

“How would you feel if you get home with ‘craw-fish’ that looks like crawfish, packaged like crawfish, but it’s compressed fish. That’s not crawfish. What we’re saying is crawfish will be as its defined.”  Strain explained.

If signed by Governor John  Bel Edwards, the law would be enforced starting in October 2020. Companies will be required to relabel their products or pay fines.