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Seafood ID bill seeks to add information to menus in Louisiana

Posted at 5:51 PM, May 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-29 19:35:21-04

A bill headed to the governor’s desk could have an impact on your menu choices.

House Bill 335 would require restaurants to list the country of origin for shrimp and crawfish. The legislation could be a win for consumers says Representative Jerry “Truck” Gisclair.

Gisclair wrote the bill in 2008. After it was rejected, he re-wrote it with consumers’ health in mind.

“America is becoming more resistant to antibiotics and it’s because we’re consuming so much foreign products that contain antibiotics. The long term effect is catching up to us.” Gisclair explained.

Restaurants like Landry’s Cajun Seafood and Steak in New Iberia have been serving local seafood for over 30 years.

“When people come here they think seafood and they want to eat fresh local seafood,” Elaine Buteau said.

Buteau explained the bill would not affect them negatively, and would positively impact consumers.

LaTasha Rodriguez is a pescetarian says the legislation would help consumers like her whose diets include fish but no other meat. “I mean it’s honest sourcing. If I don’t want to eat things that aren’t local. I have a choice. It gives you local choices and I think that will help local businesses.”

The bill is now awaiting the governor’s signature. Currently, seafood in stores must list where they are from.