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Adopting a New Culture in Arnaudville: What’s Your Story

Posted at 7:01 AM, Apr 01, 2019

It’s not often that inside a Cajun restaurant the delicacies of south Louisiana have been cooked by someone from California, but don’t tell that to the Hoffman siblings.

Stephanie and Andrew Hoffman grew up in Orange County, calling southern California home for most of their younger years.

In 2005, however, Stephanie followed a friend to Louisiana and found herself living in the small town of Arnaudville in St. Landry Parish. Andrew followed her out here a few years ago.

Once here, she took a job cutting produce at Guidry’s and switched over to a job in fast food. That is where she decided she wanted more from a career in food.

“I came to Little Big Cup to be a prep cook and then I ended up cooking and on to bigger things and learned stuff from head chefs and people I worked with over the years,” says Stephanie.

She now helps run the kitchen. And after spending years watching and learning, feels comfortable serving up the staples of the south Louisiana food scene.

Working alongside his older sister, Andrew serves food to the guests who come into the restaurant.

“I take a lot of pride in it just because I know she takes care of her work and really does care,” Andrew says.

There are still parts of California that they miss, including some of the food, in fact, we had a spirited conversation about the majesty of an In and Out Burger.

Even though they may be missing In and Out, here in south Louisiana, they consider it home. And they have both been able to learn lessons that go beyond the kitchen.

“You actually have to enjoy, you have to take time to enjoy life because everyone in California is so fast-paced 24/7,” says Andrew.