Technology to help seniors age in place showcased at Broussard Smart Home

Posted at 5:13 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 19:50:13-04

BROUSSARD, La. – New technologies, powered by the internet, make it easy for seniors to live independently at home. Cox and Manuel Builders demonstrated a “Connected Independence” Smart Home experience in the new Ville De Côte Gelèe subdivision in Broussard on Thursday, March 28, 2019. 

Among the demonstrations were a virtual reality platform to help seniors combat isolation, telemedicine technology which allows patients to connect with their doctors remotely, and a variety of voice-activated, hands-free devices to make life easier.

“Almost 90 percent of adults over the age of 65 say they prefer growing old in their home, according to AARP studies,” said Anthony Pope, Cox Communications senior vice president and region manager. “Smart home technology powered by a strong internet connection can help many families avoid the wrenching decision to move an aging parent to an assisted living facility, while providing peace of mind to caregivers.”

Powered by Cox’s broadband network and its one-gigabit residential internet service, G1GABLAST, the Acadiana Smart Home features more than 60 internet connected devices that help seniors live independently at home.  G1GABLAST is available to all customers in Broussard and 85% to customers residing in the six-parish,  Cox Acadiana service area. By the end of 2019, these speeds will be available to 100% of the Acadiana service area.

Some of the devices featured in the home include an automatic pill dispenser; a Clarity P300 Handset Landline Telephone that makes sound easier to understand; a garbage can that also creates shopping lists; an electronic pet feeder; an electronic fork that tracks eating habits; and a Joy for All orange tabby cat.

“We’re proud to partner with Cox to showcase some of the very latest technology available right here in Broussard,” Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque said. “Robust broadband connections in the parish are powering a smart city experience not just for area residents but our businesses as well.”

In addition to the wide selection of internet-connected tech, the experience also featured national and Acadiana-based senior living innovators, businesses and experts, including:

  • CableLabs, whose powerful innovation engine develops life-altering technologies that move communities and industries toward more connected tomorrows.
  • Rendever VR, whose reality platform helps seniors combat isolation and depression by allowing them to “travel” to their favorite destinations or relive and reconnect with some of their favorite memories.
  • Trapollo, whose telemedicine services enable doctors to connect with patients in the home.
  • Moterum Technologies, the company who developed iStride – an overshoe that helps stroke patients relearn how to walk with a normal, symmetric gait.
  • Alison Jacobson, nationally known as The Safety Mom, who’s a caregiver to her son, her mother and her husband and helps families struggling with issues.
  • Jolie Meaux, local food blogger who loves preparing delicious, minimally-processed foods. She’s inspiring aging Americans to eat better using smart kitchen technology including a WiFi slow cooker and sous vide.
  • Cox products and services including, Contour and the latest in Homelife automation were also demonstrated including smart window and door sensors, smart door locks, thermostats, light bulbs and more.