Hundreds gathered in Jennings to welcome home Hunner Leblanc

Posted at 10:33 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 23:33:42-04

A Jennings boy got the surprise of a lifetime on Wednesday as hundreds of his family and friend welcomed him home from the hospital.

Hunner Leblanc was accidentally shot in the neck in January and the town of Jennings came together and welcomed him home.

What was supposed to be a surprise that started at 4:00 pm was delayed. Traffic on I-10 meant a few extra hours of waiting for his family and friends.

“Accidents happen, any time, anything. I would never expect this to happen to my best friend and I was very hurt by it. What I learned is pain doesn’t last forever,” said Hunners best friend.

“Words can’t even express how excited I am honestly. I just miss him,” said Hunners girlfriend.

Among those in the crowd to show their support, stood the first responders who helped save Hunners life when he was airlifted to Lafayette.

“The prognosis at the time it happened wasn’t very good. Just to see him coming home was really amazing,” said Ken Dartez.

“It just puts a real good feeling in your heart. Knowing you were there… it’s mostly him, he did the work. Without God and the team that we had there that night and the team that we have here. To know we had a hand in it was a really good feeling and it was really good to see him come home,” said Erica Jeansomme.

Hunner Leblanc said he was very excited to be home because he really missed it. He said he is most excited to sleep in his own bed and get some home cooked food.

“This is not our new normal, I refuse to accept it. He does too. He is going to work hard,” said Hunners mother.