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High pollen count likely all week

Posted at 2:01 PM, Mar 18, 2019

According to the pollen count for Acadiana will either be in the high or medium-high category all week.

Acadiana’s pollen count will be high all week


Top allergens are oak and juniper, along with grasses and weeds.

With the warmer temperatures and recent peeks of sunshine the past couple weeks, trees and plants have been springing back to life.

But the reason the pollen has been especially bad this year is because in conjunction with everything blooming we have had several breezy days to help blow the pollen into the air.

Also, Acadiana has not had a hard rain of more than a quarter of an inch in weeks, so there has been nothing to really wash out the pollen.

And unfortunately for those allergy sufferers this week looks dry with lots of sunshine so expect the pollen to continue to be really bad.

Tree and grass pollen is really high