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Henderson looking to resolve chicken nuisance with new ordinance

Posted at 10:57 PM, Feb 13, 2019

HENDERSON, La (KATC) — It’s not breaking the law but it does involve “fowl” play. Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette says the town is seeking to change its nuisance ordinance next month to prevent chicken owners from letting their birds run free into neighbors yards.

“We’re not against people owning chickens. I mean a lot of people own chickens for the eggs and the meat,” Collette said. “But when chickens get lose and go into other neighborhoods, something has to be done.”

The mayor says if approved, the ordinance will allow law enforcement to extract roaming fowl and bring them to the St. Martinville Humane Society.

Chicken owner Sandy Chiasson says her husband and her keep their chickens locked up in birdcages on their property but occasionally the birds will jump the fence into their neighbor’s yard.

“Our neighbors don’t mind,” Chiasson said. “If somebody has a neighbor that minds then maybe they should lock them up.”