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There’s a psychological reason behind why Saints fans are still upset

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jan 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 06:26:28-05

Ten days after the NFC Championship game, some Saints fans are still angry about the no call they say cost the Saints a trip to the Superbowl. Those angry fans have decided to channel their anger issues into something they sat is less depressing.

On Sunday, Saints fans will be at Smitty’s wings to watch the Superbowl. But it’s not the 2019 Superbowl that they’ll be watching. Instead, fans will relive the Saints Championship win from 2010 and reminisce on the good times.

Hans “fast” Nelson says he knew he had to channel his anger.

“When I woke up Monday morning expecting to be over the anger, it was worse. Somehow I had the bright idea that this coming Sunday, we would make it super by playing a game that meant more to us than any other Saints game,” Nelson said.

Nelson called Craig Smith, the owner of Smitty’s Wings, planned the party, and spread the word.

“I was at the game, the game got stolen. Everyone in the stands was hollering at the refs. So when Hans called me the next day, I said yes, let’s do something,” Smith said.

They are not the only people with a plan to boycott the Superbowl. A group of Youngsville residents will dress up as blind referees and march from Sugarmill Pond to corner bar where they’ll watch Superbowl 2010.

“People are trying to avoid it. So we will avoid the Superbowl, but we will still be able to have a party. Which I think everyone was looking forward to anyone,” Jeff Wood said.

Why people are still upset with the loss almost two weeks later? A psychology professor thinks she has the answer.

“People were commenting on the game and saying that there was something the refs could have done easily. They could amend it or find a way to solve the problem, but they didn’t do it. So, what people feel like is if they could have done this, it would have been different. and this is what we call counterfactual thinking,” Dr. Li said.

Doctor Li also blames “Place Attachment,” meaning the fans feel like they are apart of the team and feel like their identity was harmed.