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Grand Jury investigation into VPSB on hold

Posted at 5:07 PM, Jan 29, 2019
Attorney for Vermilion Parish School Board resigns
Vermilion Parish School Board

An investigation into possible malfeasance in office by Vermilion Parish School Board members is suspended indefinitely by a Vermilion Parish Grand Jury, according to District Attorney Keith Stutes.

Stutes tells KATC that he requested the grand jury to investigate the VPSB “regarding several matters.”

Earlier this month, several sources confirmed to KATC that they have been subpoenaed as witnesses in that investigation. Those sources said they suspected that the investigation had to do with board members not showing up and denying the board a quorum, which forced meetings to be canceled.

“After hearing the presentation of evidence today, the Grand Jury properly acted to pretermit entirely the matter investigated at this time; to pretermit the matter means to suspend indefinitely further consideration,” Stutes said in a statement emailed to KATC.

“Likewise, the further investigation of the Vermilion Parish School Board will remain open but suspended as well,” Stutes added. “When and if further relevant information is received, and it is appropriate to present the information to the Grand Jury, the information will be so presented.”