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Brian Pope pleads not guilty to latest round of charges

Posted: 5:15 PM, Jan 14, 2019
Updated: 2019-04-03 14:48:43-04
Suspended Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope
Suspended Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope. Courtesy: Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Suspended Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope has entered yet another written plea of not guilty a day before his arraignment for his newest Lafayette Parish Grand Jury indictment for 17 felony counts of malfeasance in office.

Pope’s latest plea was delivered to the 15th Judicial District court on Monday through his attorney Brett Grayson, according to court records. The plea waives his right to appear at tomorrow’s scheduled arraignment.

The 17 felony counts of malfeasance in office in the indictment, which was handed down on Dec. 5, 2018, stems from garnishment-fee payments made to the marshal after the Attorney General’s office told him that he couldn’t use the money to supplement his salary.

However, this indictment supersedes his Sept. 13, 2018, grand jury indictment and adds $71,401.90 to the original $13,340.40, which brings the total to $84,742.30.

Each count accuses him of taking “without legal authority, funds” in various amounts.

  • Count 1 is for $4668.60
  • Count 2 is for $1289.56 (Count 1 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 3 is for $7898.00
  • Count 4 is for $1552.47 (Count 2 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 5 is for $7486.30
  • Count 6 is for $1514.17 (Count 3 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 7 is for $6025.90
  • Count 8 is for $1768.19 (Count 4 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 9 is for $6877.30
  • Count 10 is for $1394.16 (Count 5 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 11 is for $8487.60
  • Count 12 is for $1945.62 (Count 6 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 13 is for $7699.50
  • Count 14 is for $3876.23 (Count 7 from 09/13/2018 indictment)
  • Count 15 is for $7170.90
  • Count 16 is for $8330.80
  • Count 17 is for $6757.00 (This amount was taken after the 9/13/2018 indictment)

In October, Pope was found guilty on one count of perjury and three counts of malfeasance in office, stemming from a public records dispute with The Independent.

After his felony convictions, Pope was suspended from the office of City Marshal until all his appeals are exhausted. If the convictions stand, Pope will be removed from office. Michael Hill, a former federal magistrate and police officer, currently is serving as City Marshal for Lafayette.