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Jesuits release names of members and priests accused of sexual abuse, some with Acadiana ties

Posted at 10:37 AM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2019-01-11 15:40:43-05

The Jesuits U.S. Central and Southern Province has released the names of Jesuit priests and members accused of sexual abuse of a minor.

The list contains names of Jesuits who are or were members of the U.S. Central and Southern Province and it’s predecessor entities: the New Orleans Province, the Missouri Province, or the Independent Region of Puerto Rico of the Society of Jesus.

Three of those members listed have connections to Acadiana, all serving at some time in Grand Coteau.

Jody Blanchard, SJ was ordained in 1983 and left the Society of Jesus in 1994. The first of Blanchard’s pastoral assignments was St. Charles Borromeo Church in Grand Coteau from 1985 to 1987. The time frame of the abuse allegations date to the 1980s.

Austin N. Park, SJ was ordained in 1955 and left the ministry due to dementia. Park was assigned to Christ the King Church in Grand Coteau as well as St. Charles College from 1969-1970. More than one allegation has been made against Park. He died in 2013. The timeframe of the abuse allegations for Park date to the 1960s.

Norman J. Rogge, SJ was ordained in 1956 and was removed from ministry in 2002. Rogge was assigned to St. Charles Parish in Grand Coteau along with St. Charles College. More than one allegation has been made against Rogge. The timeframe of those abuse allegations date to the 1960s and 1970s.

Rogge died in 2009

The men accused fall into three categories:

  • Jesuits of this province against whom one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of a minor or a vulnerable adult have been made;
  • Jesuits from other provinces against whom there are credible claims resulting from their work while assigned to this province;
  • Jesuits of this province whose names have been published on diocesan websites or the websites of other Jesuit provinces.

Names included on the list does not imply, according to the Jesuits, that accusations are true and correct or that the person named has been found guilty of a crime.

  • Michael O. Barry, SJ
  • Charles Bartles, SJ
  • Jody Blanchard, SJ
  • Claude P. Boudreaux, SJ
  • John Campbell, SJ
  • Cornelius J. Carr, SJ (New York Province which is now part of USA Northeast Province)
  • Mark A. Clark, SJ
  • Francis X. Cleary SJ
  • James A. Condon, SJ (Chicago Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Charles G. Coyle, SJ
  • Edward D. DeRussy, SJ
  • Donald Dickerson, SJ
  • Burton J. Fraser, SJ (Wisconsin Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Chester E. Gaiter, SJ
  • Thomas J. Hatrel, SJ
  • Thomas J. Hidding, SJ
  • John W. Hough, SJ
  • Francis J. Kegel, SJ
  • Dennis P. Kirchoff, SJ
  • Bernard P. Knoth, SJ (Chicago Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Philip D. Kraus, SJ
  • Francis M. Landwermeyer, SJ
  • Gerhardt B. Lehmkuhl, SJ
  • Alfonso Madrid, SJ (Province of Mexico)
  • Eugene A. Maio, SJ
  • Vincent R. Malatesta, SJ
  • James L. McShane, SJ
  • Edward P. Murphy, SJ
  • Thomas J. Naughton, SJ (Priest of the New Orleans Province, NOT Brother Thomas Naughton of the Missouri Province)
  • Patrick H. O’Liddy, SJ
  • Vincent A. Orlando, SJ
  • Claude L. Ory, SJ (Brother, formerly in New Orleans Province, now Maryland Province)
  • Austin N. Park SJ
  • J. Donald Pearce, SJ
  • George M. Pieper, SJ
  • Paul C. Pilgram, SJ
  • Elmo J. Rogero, SJ
  • Norman J. Rogge, SJ
  • Anthony J. Short, SJ
  • Arthur O. Verdieck, SJ
  • Richard H. Witzofsky, SJ (Brother)
  • Benjamin Wren, SJ

More information on the list of Jesuit members and priests accused can be found, here.