Bird brings its fleet of electric scooters to Lafayette

Posted at 1:38 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 18:21:40-05

Today, Bird brings its fleet of electric scooters to Lafayette.

Bird scooters offer a new, environmentally-friendly transportation option to help get residents in Lafayette where they need to go while getting cars off the road, reducing traffic, and cutting carbon emissions.

In September, the company celebrated 10 million rides on Bird scooters across 100 communities, and are excited to continue that growth in Lafayette, according to the company.

Bird also offers a program to serve active military and veterans with Red, WhiteandBirdat a reduced cost.


Lafayette Consolidated Government issued the following statement on the scooter service:

LCG Researches Rent-to-Ride Scooters
Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) is aware of the rent-to-ride scooters that have been seen around town as of this morning. LCG was not contacted by the vendor of the scooters prior to their appearance and the matter is being looked into.
With the safety of citizens paramount, those who rent the scooters are asked to ride and park with caution and courtesy so they do not pose an accessibility or safety issue for pedestrians or cyclists. As always, pedestrians, cyclists, scooter users and motorists alike are encouraged to be alert and cautious of all who share the roadways and sidewalks.
Updates on the issue will be provided as needed.


“Lafayette is a forward-thinking city that shares our vision of getting cars off the road to reduce traffic and carbon emissions. Bird hopes to work closely with city officials to develop a framework that works for everyone so that the Lafayette community can have access to our fun and affordable transportation option. We are in touch with city officials and we look forward to meeting with them early next week.” – a Bird spokesperson


November 2018

What is Bird?

● Bird is a last-mile electric vehicle sharing company dedicated to bringing low-cost,
environmentally friendly transportation solutions to communities across the world.
● We provide a fleet of shared, electric scooters that can be accessed via smartphone
wherever they are parked.
● Birds are perfect for people looking to take a short journey across town or down that
“last-mile” from the subway or bus to their destination. They can replace cars for the
more than one-third of car rides that are less than two miles long.
● Bird was the first in the world to introduce a dockless, electric last-mile solution.
● Bird launched in September of 2017.
● Bird has launched in more than 100 cities nationwide.
How does Bird work?
● Through the Bird smartphone app, riders can locate the most convenient Bird and ride
directly to their desired destination.
● Bird costs $1 to start each ride plus 20 cents per minute following.
● Birds are to be ridden in the bike lanes and on the street, rather than on the sidewalk.
● At the end of a ride, Birds are to be parked out of the way of public pathways and at
bike racks where available.
● Rides are only available during the day. Birds are dropped at their nests conveniently
located for riders by 7:00am and the pick-up process begins at sunset.
● Each night, Birds are picked up for storage, charging, and any necessary repair. This
helps keep riders safe and Birds in good condition. It also keeps Birds from cluttering
● In the morning, Birds are parked at “nests,” which are conveniently located for riders
across our markets. There are typically three Birds at each nest.
What does Bird do to support safety?
● Safety is a top priority for Bird. That is why we go the extra mile to inform our riders
about safe riding. This includes:
○ Requiring all rides to confirm they are older than 18
○ Requiring all riders to consent to a safety agreement.
○ Showing riders an in-app tutorial on how to safely ride Bird.
○ Posting clear safety instructions on each scooter.
○ Providing free helmets to all riders who request one in the U.S. markets we
● On August 2, Bird announced the formation of its Global Safety Advisory Board, led by
the former head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration David Strickland.
The board will create, advise, and implement global programs, campaigns, and products
to improve the safety of those riding Birds and other e-scooters.
○ Specifically, the board will will focus on how to increase the safety of slow-speed
scooter riders in a car-centric world, as well as the safety of those who share
space with these riders, like pedestrians and bicyclists.
○ Bird will continue to name other members of the Global Safety Advisory Board,
including representatives from global organizations, local governments, private
citizens, and transportation and safety experts.
How does Bird prevent sidewalks from being cluttered with scooters?
● Bird works closely with the cities in which we operate.
● Bird is committed to:
○ Daily Pickup. We will operate a program designed to retrieve all of our vehicles
every night. We will inspect every vehicle for necessary maintenance and repairs.
Most importantly, the entire fleet will be repositioned to where the vehicles are
wanted the next day, so they are not cluttering up our neighborhoods.
○ Responsible Growth. We will not increase our supply of vehicles in a city unless
they are being used at least three times per vehicle per day (weather
permitting). We will remove underutilized vehicles. We will share our utilization
data with cities so they can verify this fact.
How is Bird helping low-income communities who need affordable transportation options?
● Bird offers One Bird, a program that helps improve mobility and increase access to
employment opportunities for underserved communities.
○ In all cities where Bird operates, One Bird eliminates the $1 base fee, per ride,
for anyone currently enrolled in, or eligible for, a state or federal assistance
Does Bird offer any discounts for veterans and members of the military?
● Bird offers Red, White, and Bird, a program that expands access to convenient, last- mile
transportation options for U.S. military service members and veterans.
● In all cities where Bird operates, Red, White, and Bird waives the initial base fee, per
ride, for service members and veterans, which means that they can ride Bird for just 15
cents per minute.
How did Bird get started?
● Bird was founded in the fall of 2017 by Travis VanderZanden, whose passion for
transportation began with his growing up in Appleton, WI as the son of a single mom
who drove a public bus.
● Since then, he has been at the forefront of innovative transportation solutions, serving
as the first COO of Lyft and as a senior executive at Uber.