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Man whose home was target in shooting says officers ‘not doing enough’

Posted at 6:50 PM, Oct 22, 2018

A Lawtell man whose home was the target in a shooting last week says the sheriff’s office didn’t do enough to protect him or his family.

Two people were wounded, including a man who pushed a woman and a toddler out of harm’s way.
Four people are booked on attempted first-degree murder charges in connection with the shooting, including the victims’ former roommate Daliyah West.

Another of West’s former roommates says he filed complaints about her but deputies didn’t take them seriously.

“Could’ve been prevented you know this shouldn’t have happened,” West’s former roommate Tony Kennerson said.

Kennerson says Daliyah West was his roommate until just a few weeks ago. After West got kicked out of the house, he says, she began threatening him and his family.

At first, deputies stepped up patrols near his home but they later stopped.

“They have been patrolling, but all of sudden in the last 3 weeks, It’s nothing from them,” Kennerson says.
“St. Landry Parish could’ve done a better job than what they done.  [They] gave them an opportunity an open window to come attack my family.”

Deputies had been to the house before.

According to Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, a deputy went with West to the home in September after Kennerson wouldn’t release her personal belongings.

In an email, Guidroz said Kennerson’s claims that deputies weren’t patrolling his street are “false.”

“The accusation that we are not patrolling his street is false. My deputies patrol the entire parish as part of their duties,” a statement from the sheriff’s office states.

Still, Kennerson feels the sheriff’s office could have done more to protect him and his family.

“They didn’t take this seriously they could’ve locked her up and prevent all this from happening,” he said.