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Halloween makeup makes a costume even better

Posted at 8:03 AM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 09:56:04-04

When it comes to Halloween the perfect costume is top of the list for many people, but sometimes that perfect costume needs some makeup to go with it. KATC’s Katie Lopez and Abby Breidenbach decided to go under the brush and find out an easy way to make that spooky costume even scarier this Halloween.

Make up is an art. For many it takes time to perfect, but others are just naturals, ready to pick up a brush and let their creative juices flow.

Carleigh Davis is one of those people.

After a golf cart accident, Carleigh says she was stuck at home. That’s when she got on Youtube and started learning how to create zombies, ghouls, gashes and bruises.

While Katie and Abby still do not think they can pull off even her most simple scary make up tricks, Carleigh insists they are not hard to do, and they just take time.

So whether you’re going for zombie princess or the girl who got attacked by a curling iron, a little creativity can go a long way.