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Spartan Brew Crew brings coffee and smiles to Comeaux High

Posted at 5:00 PM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 13:47:39-04


Teachers and staff at Comeaux high school are getting a little help jump-starting their days. It’s because of a new coffee cart that’s rolled onto campus, and it’s the crew behind the brew that makes this operation so special.

Serving tall pours and sweet smiles the Brew Crew’s arrival is a highly anticipated part of the morning at Comeaux high.

“There is some communication about, ‘hey, have you seen them’? They’re coming down the hall so we’ll be next,” says Kellie Boquet, a teacher at Comeaux.

The coffee cart takes to the halls Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and like any other java joint, the customers are not the only ones benefitting from this operation.

“It’s just something that brightens our day. It’s an extra perk that we get, that the kids enjoy and we enjoy also,” says Boquet.

Here the servers have an opportunity that they probably otherwise wouldn’t. The Brew Crew is made up of 18 special education students.

“We are trying to teach them life skills which includes socializing and also the ability to maybe maintain a job in their future. So showing them patience, how to follow two to three step directions while assisting with the brew crew is definitely preparing them for the workforce in the future,” says Mary Alciatore Young, the faculty member of the crew.

Working for tips that go toward SPED programs, the students are learning about passion and purpose and ways to work with their special needs.

“It’s so cute seeing them with their aprons and they’re so excited. Joel, who’s mostly nonverbal, has his little button where he asks if you want coffee and they’re just so happy to help,” says another teacher at the school,

The always smiling servers are also bringing awareness to their own community.

“It allows for the students to see them in a different light, instead of in passing, they see them being helpful and the kind people they are.”

Just a few weeks in and already a huge success, the Brew Crew hopes to continue serving coffee with a cause for years to come.

To give to their cause visit the Spartan Brew Crew fundraising page on facebook.