Ville Platte prepares for influx of new business and growth

Posted at 5:23 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 18:23:38-04

More businesses are heading to Ville Platte. Construction is being done at multiple locations in the city.

Teet’s Food Store is also seeing an increase and business owners say this construction is exactly what the city needs.

“We’re going from a 5500 sq ft grocery store to a 21,000 sq ft supermarket,” manager Luke Deville said.

Deville moved back to his hometown just a few years ago after living in Baton Rouge. He wanted to return to help expand his family’s business.

“A lot of people have been moving away from shopping at smaller stores and going towards bigger stores with cheaper prices,” Deville said. “It was time to make that move. We can have better volume and have lower prices. ”

Mayor Jennifer Vidrine says a total of 10 businesses are being brought to the city. According to Vidrine, it will bring more jobs to the area and also help benefit special projects.

“We’re bringing more tax revenue to the area which will help us improve the city streets, drainage, and our roads,” Vidrine said. “It’s a great situation for the city and the people.”

Vidrine says all of the new businesses under construction should be open by next June. The tax revenue from those businesses will go right back into the community.

“We are a rural community and every time a rural community has something new going on, it has a boom effect,” Renee Brown with the Evangeline Chamber of Commerce said.

Deville added, “It’s good to see our little town getting bigger.”