VPSB president: There are no grievances against Superintendent Puyau

Posted at 10:42 PM, Aug 13, 2018

The Vermilion Parish school board is continuing its investigation into Superintendent Jerome Puyau’s character and competency.

Last Monday, the board put Puyau on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation. During last week’s special meeting, the school board president read off a list of complaints compiled by the members. Monday night the board was scheduled to discuss “the procedure for investigation of grievances against Superintendent Puyau.”

That discussion never happened. According to Board President Stacy Landry, the agenda item was a mistake.

During the meeting, Landry said there are no grievances against Puyau at this time. He says a mix up led to it being printed on Monday’s agenda. KATC requested from Landry a full list of the complaints read off at last Monday’s special meeting. Landry declined to hand over the public record, saying he would give the final list once it’s completed.

“I just really noticed this afternoon. We may have a mixup in why this appeared on the agenda. But first of all a couple of clarifications. There are no grievances filed against the superintendent at this time. There is an investigation going on, that’s it. So just for clarification, and hopefully Thursday night we can give a little more detail on where we’re at and what’s going to happen.” Landry said.

Landry declined to go on the record about where the investigation stands and who is conducting it. Landry did tell KATC over the phone before the meeting that all formal complaints were due to him no later than Friday evening.