Relatives identify teen killed in St. Martinville shooting

Posted at 5:52 PM, Aug 06, 2018

Relatives say 17-year-old Malik Filer’s mother had just dropped him off at his aunt’s house on North Vivier Street, when someone ran up to him and shot him multiple times.

"He didn’t deserve that," Filer’s aunt said. "He was wondering what happened and we couldn’t do nothing about that. "

She didn’t want to be identified, but said Filer was taking out the trash when the gunman ran up to him and shot him.

"As I walked to the door to come and see, the shots were still ringing out," She said. "When I opened the door, the shooter was running past the trailer and he (Filer) was on the ground." 

A bullet hole remains in a car outside of the home. it’s a painful reminder of the teen’s final moments. 

"He was not outside no more than two minutes when someone came up and started shooting," She said. "It happened so fast, and the children saw it, and it was just too much."

Filer was about to start his senior year at Breaux Bridge Senior High where he was a member of the basketball team.
"That’s what hurts so much. His last year in school. His life is gone and I can’t replace that. I can’t take that back." 

Filer’s aunt says her nephew was never in trouble, which makes his death all the more shocking.      

"Not him. If he was a troubled child. It would be different. Never got in trouble a day in his life. A day in his life. He’s just not affiliated with nothing like that."