Officers warn they’ll cite people for “Kiki Challenge”

Posted at 6:53 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 19:53:28-04

Police are warning people not to attempt the "Kiki Challenge."

The challenge is where a person gets out of their moving car and dances as the car keeps moving. The videos, including those that aren’t successful attempts, are being uploaded as even celebrities are participating. 

Officers in Acadiana say the dance challenge is not only highly dangerous, it’s also illegal. 

"I watch these young folks in a moving vehicle and dancing in the roadway, it’s almost like playing Russian roulette with your own life," said Jeanerette City Marshal Fernest "Pacman" Martin. 

In videos uploaded to the internet, people can be seen running into poles, tripping over potholes and even being hit by cars.

Law enforcement officials in Acadiana tell us they will pull people over if they see them attempting it. 

"They will be cited. You know, obstruction of public passage, unattended motor vehicle. Whatever the charge we can find. We’re gonna charge them! And, if you have passengers in the vehicle trust me, you’re going to be charged with negligence. You know, if it’s child endangerment so be it," explained Jeanerette City Marshal Fernest "Pacman" Martin. 

13-year-old Nyh-Kwuan Drexler didn’t see a problem with the Kiki Challenge at first. 

"I mean it’s a pretty cool dance, it’s a way to have fun. Like I’ve seen YouTube videos where people just stop out of the car, get out of the car, and start doing it," said Drexler.  

But, when KATC showed Drexler the video of people getting hurt he changed his mind. 

"That’s dangerous, makes me not want to do it anymore," said Drexler. 

He says he has seen some of his friends attempting the challenge on social media, but he recommends that the rest of his friends use common sense if they do it. 

"Pull over to a safe place where there’s no car passing by, where’s there’s no traffic. I wouldn’t even stop in the road. Get to a safe place, maybe your driveway or at home somewhere," said Drexler. 

Law enforcement officials reiterate there is, of course, nothing wrong with the dance if it’s done in a park or at a block party away from traffic and roads.