Families kicked out of the Cypress Tree Motel

Posted at 10:25 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 23:25:49-04

A group of people staying at the Cypress Tree Inn motel were told they needed to be out of their rooms within a few hours. The motel is home to many people and families because of the low price. Tenants say this isn’t the first time the motel has had issues. 

A mother of three who lives at the motel said she received notice that she and her family needed to be out of their motel room by 6:00 pm Thursday. She said she is staying at the motel because it is all she can afford. Now the water has been shut off, she can’t have her children in these conditions. 

Another woman who asked for her identity to be concealed said what’s happening at the Cypress Tree Inn is wrong.

"I made a pot of coffee this morning and after that, the water was turned off, and we knew they hadn’t paid the bill. Because yesterday they said it was the electricity but it wasn’t, it was the water that was due and they did shut it off this morning. (Is this the first time something like this has happened?) no, it happens all the time," she said. 

Recently, weekly payments to the motel became nightly and the tenants say they were told they can only pay in cash. 

"Nobody has a place to go. We only had a couple of hours notice that we had to leave. We have no water and they are not turning the water back on, the people that were managing the place took all the money and didn’t pay the bills and this is our situation," the woman said. 

Those who are employed at the motel say they are working for free.

"I’ve been working here about five or six months now and I have yet to receive a check. I have asked about it several times and I keep getting told that they have to do payroll and it shouldn’t take that long to do payroll. We get a place to stay but what about our needs? We don’t work 70-80 hours every, two weeks, for nothing," Seth Poirier said.

The Cypress Tree Inn is affecting more than just the people who reside there. The Days Inn Hotel next door has taken a hit too, with gnats and bugs all because of excessive trash, according to the manager Candy Wall. She says it has been a never-ending battle. 

"The conditions are bad. There is mold growing, mushrooms are growing in the rooms. There are bed bugs, there are roaches there are mice. Everything is just a mess over there. there are rooms that have been shut down because they can’t be rented, they are so bad," Wall said.

We reached out to management for the Cypress Tree Inn but they have not returned our calls. We also called the emergency number on the front door of the motel; there was no answer.