Mayor-President: No cost of living raise for LCG employees

Posted at 10:16 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 23:16:38-04

Some Lafayette City-Parish councilmen are looking at ways to give LCG employees a pay raise after the Mayor-President’s proposed budget failed to do so.

It’s been three years since LCG workers received a raise, and prior to that it had been more than two years.

Chief Financial Officer Lorrie Toups tells KATC’s Dannielle Garcia it would cost roughly $2.5 million to give LCG employees a 2% salary increase.

Toups said the rate of their insurance will not increase this year.

However, Councilmen Kenneth Boudreaux and Jay Castille say they are pushing for at least a 2% increase to cover the rising cost of living for employees and their families.

LCG has 2,266 employees, but the parish might not have enough money to cover a raise.

While the city’s fund balance is around $40 million, the parish has only around $105,000 in its general fund. This raises the question, "how will the city and the parish split the cost of a pay increase?"

The Lafayette Police Association took to Facebook to post their frustrations with the issue.

The finance liasion committee will meet August 6th to discuss the budget and these issues.

We reached out to the Mayor-President for comment but his spokeswoman said he was unavailable.