LCG launches public website for drainage progress tracking

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 15:23:50-04

Lafayette Consolidated Government’s (LCG) Public Works Department unveiled a new website providing up-to-date information on targeted drainage improvements. The projects are funded through a $9 million millage rededication of one-time funds which voters approved in the fall of 2017. The mobile-friendly website,, details the progress or any delays of each project, as well as the budget, for public tracking.The interactive site is designed for easy viewing on mobile devices and includes embedded maps, budget allocations, project descriptions, and timelines, allowing citizens to view the information of most importance to them. Photos of each of the projects show the initial site, prior to any work being done, and photos of project updates and the completion will be added as each project progresses, according to Cydra Wingerter, Chief Communications Officer, LCG. The projects can be tracked by district and the site also lists all of the districts affected by each project.In 2017, Mayor-President Joel Robideaux presented a plan to rededicate a portion of an existing millage to direct more revenues to fund drainage projects in flood-prone areas. Voters approved the measure, making $9 million in one-time funding immediately available, plus an additional $2.5 million annually to bolster stormwater management. Then in February of 2018, the list of 27 initial projects to which the one-time $9 million would be allocated was released, according to Wingerter. In all, LCG’s Public Works identified 60 projects, totaling 63 miles, of deferred maintenance needs throughout the parish. The estimated cost of all 60 projects is $20 million. All of the projects were rated by the number of addresses affected and cost per address, percentage area in a flood zone, number of FEMA and repetitive loss claims, complexity of each project, and any foreseen permitting issues, to ultimately identify the projects to be initially addressed by the one-time fundingWingerter said while these projects are ongoing, Public Works continues to manage day-to-day drainage maintenance needs, including roadside ditch and coulee excavation projects, cleaning litter traps and storm drains, repairing sinkholes, and flushing out culverts."The public is rightfully concerned with the drainage progress and improvements we are working on. I believe this online project dashboard is the right tool to easily and openly communicate on these critical infrastructure projects," stated Robideaux. "The website offers a transparent and easy-to-understand format for citizens to track where their tax dollars are being spent and to view the project timelines."