Baldwin clerk says she’s being terminated

Posted at 12:37 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 13:37:23-04

Baldwin Town Clerk Chrystal Willis tells us that she’s up for termination today.

Willis sent us a copy of a letter she received yesterday from the mayor, in which she is told that she is on paid leave pending a meeting tonight. At that meeting, the letter states, the mayor will ask for her termination.

The reasons given are: insubordination, creating and executing documents that exceed her authority, abusing her position, and creating a work environmental not conducive to productivity.

We called the mayor for a comment, and she said she would be discussing the issue at tonight’s meeting. 

In her email to KATC, Willis said she has been clerk for several months, and was an independent contractor before that. She said she has been an asset to the town. 

"It is my belief that the outcome of this meeting has the potential to not only damage my professional, personal and entrepreneurial image, but more importantly it has the potential to completely eradicate the model of efficiency and effectiveness that I have implemented within Town Hall since being hired," Willis wrote. 

"All of this unnecessary chaos and confusion has stemmed from a combination of faulty internal controls and in-house communication issues, paired with over-inflated egos and a lack of follow-through by leadership on matters of importance; all of which have proven to be a direct detriment to both the citizens of the Town of Baldwin – as well as its previous and present employees," she wrote.