HUD smoke-free deadline approaching

Posted at 12:23 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 13:23:09-04

Public Housing Authorities have another couple of weeks to implement smoke-free policies. 

Back in December 2016, HUD officials decided to initial smoke-free policies in all low-income conventional public housing. The rule took effect in February 2017, and requires all housing authorities to have their smoke-free policy in place by July 31. 

Under the new policy, these areas are required to be smoke-free:

  • All public housing units except for mixed-finance project units.
  • All indoor common areas (e.g., community facilities, public housing offices, laundry rooms, daycare centers).
  • Outdoor areas within 25 feet of public housing and administrative office buildings.

Also under the policy, use of these products is prohibited: Cigarettes, pipes, cigars, water pipe tobacco (hookahs).

According to HUD, the reasons for the new policy are health-related. 

"Eliminating smoking indoors and close to the building is the only way to fully protect people from secondhand smoke," a release from HUD states."In addition to protecting residents and employees from secondhand smoke, smoke-free policies create healthy environments that encourage people who smoke to quit or attempt to reduce smoking."

The HUD website’s guidance for local housing authorities includes a procedure that ends with eviction for people who don’t follow the rules. 

For more information on HUD’s policy, click here