State releases LEAP scores

Posted at 12:58 PM, Jul 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-10 13:58:33-04

State education officials released LEAP scores today. 

The standardized tests are given to children in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade and in high school. High School students also are given EOC or End of Course tests. The tests purportedly measure students’ mastery of English, math and social studies. 

In Acadiana, once again it is Vermilion Parish that outstrips the others in terms of test results. 

In Vermilion Parish, 46 percent of the children in grades three through eight who were tested posted "mastery" or better scores in English and math. That’s compared to 35 percent statewide. 

We reached Vermilion Superintendent Jerome Puyau in Washington DC, where he and Evangeline Superintendent Darwan Lazard are representing Louisiana in discussions with the Congressional 

"Vermilion Parish continues to provide high quality education.  We have surpassed the state averages in mastery and advance in ELA and mathematics in elementary, middle and high school," Puyau said. "The percent of students scoring mastery or above in grades 3-8 English Language Arts, math and social studies and in English 1/English ll, algebra and Geometry is 46%. This accomplishment is a result of the continuous hard work of our students, staff, administrators and Central Office personnel.

"This week we will analyze the data in depth and ensure that our students are celebrate our growth while building on areas of need.  We are continuously building a better environment for our students, teachers and schools by providing the appropriate individualized supports.  I, along with all system leaders, are proud of the accomplishments of our school system and together we will continue to strive toward excellence."

Other parishes posted the following mastery percentages in the same category: 

  • Acadia: 37 percent 
  • Calcasieu: 37 percent 
  • Cameron: 42 percent 
  • Evangeline: 34 percent 
  • Iberia: 39 percent 
  • Jefferson Davis: 36 percent 
  • Lafayette: 38 percent 
  • St. Landry: 28 percent 
  • St. Martin: 32 percent 
  • St. Mary: 36 percent 

Iberia Parish Superintendent Carey Laviolette said her staff has been working on the figures since they received them yesterday. 

"Our results definitely validate the hard work of our teachers and students," she said. 

Iberia’s mastery percentage improved to 39 percent this year, when the high school subjects are included. 

"We’re very proud," she said. "We’re on track with steady growth in student achievement." 

Although they’re supposed to be on "vacation," Iberia principals and teachers are working to use the data to construct individualized education plans for children, she said. 

"They’re analyzing data and planning for individual students," she said. 

On the challenge side, Iberia continues to struggle in social studies – as  most districts are. 

"But we did improve four percentage points from the previous year," she said. "So we are going in the right direction."

If you’d like to see the state department’s press release about the scores, click here

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