Video captures police officer sharing a dance with girl in wheelchair

Posted at 6:52 AM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 07:52:55-04

A police officer in Houston is going viral after a video of him dancing with a young girl in a wheelchair at a quinceañera over the weekend was posted to social media. 

The officer, Sandy Fernandez, said he couldn’t resist the sweet smile of the little girl who had waved at him during the celebration. 

Fernandez told CNN that he asked the young girl for a dance and the two quickly took to the dance floor. Fernandez says he and the girl danced to several songs and that she didn’t want to let go of his hand once they were done. 

A deejay at the party recorded the officer’s chivalrous act and shared the video to Facebook where it immediately gained traction. The video, recorded on Saturday, has almost 100,000 views.

Fernandez told CNN that he had no idea he was being recorded while dancing. 

"My job is to build a relationship with the community, and that’s pretty much what I was doing," said Fernandez.

The Houston Police Department shared the video of their officer to Facebook.

According to CNN, Fernandez and the girl exchanged flowers after their dance was done. 

Officer Fernandez told CNN, "She stole my heart. She not only reminded me of my sister, who was born with brain damage and is in a wheelchair, but she also reminded me of my 9-year-old daughter. It really touched my heart to see her so happy."

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