Person climbs the Statue of Liberty, island evacuated

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jul 04, 2018

According to ABC News, US Parks Police say a woman is currently scaling the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York.

Officials say the Island is being evacuated and all visitors are being taken off by ferry. The woman has scaled only to the base of the statue. 

Earlier in the day, 7 people were arrested for protesting. They were holding off a banner that stated "Abolish ICE." More on that story below.

Police say the woman is a protester. 

NEW YORK (AP) – Several people have hung a banner emblazoned with a message about abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement from the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and have been arrested.
National Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis says at least six people were taken into custody Wednesday. He says federal code of regulations prohibits hanging banners from the monument.
The large banner said "Abolish I.C.E." ICE is a division of the Department of Homeland Security whose officers arrest and deport unauthorized immigrants inside the U.S., among other duties.
Activists with the group Rise and Resist say they hung the banner to protest U.S. immigration policy. They oppose President Donald Trump’s administration and advocate ending deportations and family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border.
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said the president’s immigration policy is a step forward for public safety.