Women across Acadiana stepping into leadership roles

Posted at 10:02 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 23:02:35-04

According to the New York Times, Louisiana has the third lowest percentage in the United States of women in the state legislature. Wyoming and Oklahoma are the only other two states with lower percentages. In Acadiana, women are thriving in local government. Tuesday night, two of Abbeville’s newest council women completed their first meeting. 

Terry Broussard and Roslyn White said they are ready to see a change in their city. 

"It’s about time. It’s long overdue," The women said. 

Both Broussard and White said they are ready for the challenge of leading their city and inspiring others.

"Being a woman is important. But I look at myself as just being a human being. If I’ve had an impact I would like for other women or young girls to follow me. Follow me in the direction that I did so that they can participate in government and make a difference in their community," Broussard said.

White said being a woman is important, but doing what’s right and making a difference is what matters most. 

"I think to show that a woman can work as hard as a man. I have always worked in jobs that are not led by females, and I think what that does is it brings a different perspective. When you try to get things done you tend to think outside the box and not like someone who has done it before. I think sometimes that’s what it takes to really make a difference," White said.