Survey to improve broadband needs in New Iberia

Posted at 11:31 AM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 12:31:52-04

The City of New Iberia announced that it is launching a comprehensive feasibility study to best examine the broadband needs of its residents and businesses. The City is asking community members to complete a brief online survey regarding broadband and high-speed internet services at their homes and businesses.

The survey can be found on the City of New Iberia website at:

New Iberia leadership recognizes the importance of reliable and affordable broadband services and understands that it is critical for households and businesses to be equipped with sufficient connectivity to the internet for the many applications and economic opportunities it provides.

"Before deciding what role, if any, the City of New Iberia can play in advancing the availability of internet services, we need to hear from as many residents and businesses as possible," said New Iberia Mayor Freddie DeCourt. "We are asking the community to participate in a brief survey that can provide us useful information that will guide us in serving the residents and businesses of the city to the best of our ability."

Mayor DeCourt urges residents and businesses to participate in the survey so that sufficient data can be gathered about the current broadband needs of the city. "With needs of the city known, we can determine the best course of action regarding broadband infrastructure and services for everyone living and working in New Iberia." 

The City of New Iberia has partnered with Magellan Advisors, a broadband and smart city consulting firm, to conduct the broadband survey and perform
the feasibility study. Representatives from Magellan Advisors will meet with community representatives, anchor institutions and businesses to understand their specific broadband needs, determine the "State of Broadband" in New Iberia, and document the challenges and needs of specific stakeholders and develop feasible alternatives.