Jennings teenagers take the field as teammates, leave with greater bond

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 00:23:57-04

Thursday night all teenagers had a chance to play ball in Jeff Davis Parish.

Some high school student took the field as teammates and friends, but left with an even greater bond.

Bulldog Buddy Ball is more than a summer softball league. It’s a way to help these teenagers have fun, but also make friends.

"We gotta get ready in case they throw the ball to us okay?" Morgan Herpin said to her partner, Logan Atkins, on the field.

It’s clear to see Morgan and Logan hit it off on the field.

"We’re going to do our handshake okay?" Morgan said to Logan as they did their not-so top secret handshake.

But that friendship started in the classroom with geography teacher, Scott Blanchard, who organized the Buddy Ball League.

"Morgan is friends with everybody and then Logan was a student that hated school, never looked up. He told his mom that he hated school, everybody hated him and those types of things and she actually contacted me half way through the year and said ‘what are you doing because its changed him,’" said Blanchard.

At the ball park, the goal is to keep that momentum going.

And now Logan says they are "best friends." Morgan agrees.

"We text every day," she said.

They even got the first home run of the game.

"Okay Logan so you scored a home run in this game how does it feel?" asked KATC’s Dannielle Garcia to Logan.

"Good," he replied.

Blanchard said right now they plan to keep the league going through the summer but with more than 30 participating students, he believes it will snowball into something larger.