LCG responds to criticism from police union

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 20:08:45-04


The Lafayette City-Parish Council is addressing concerns from the Lafayette Police Association.

In a Facebook Post, the union claimed they have a critical shortage of patrol officers.  They say they’ve been understaffed for months and it’s affecting their response times. 

For the Lafayette City-Parish Council, the social media criticism came as a surprise. Some council members worry the police could be playing politics. 

Kenneth Boudreaux voiced his concern during Wednesday’s LPD Council Liaison meeting. 

"But, as these politics go forward, and they’re going to go forward, and it’s all behind the upcoming tax," said Boudreaux. 

In December voters will consider a change to a sales tax to benefit the police department. 

"Be careful! Be careful of what is said, how it’s said, and who it’s said to. And if the intent is to put fear in the public to try to generate support. That’s the wrong way to do it," said Boudreaux. 

Council members also say Union Leaders haven’t reached out to them about the problem. 

"The problem I have with them not contacting us, but just putting it out publicly seems like it’s politically motivated on putting these new taxes coming out, and that’s not sitting well with me right now," said Council Member Jay Castile. 

Police Chief Toby Aguillard is favoring a diplomatic approach. 

"We could always use more officers, and every time I’ve gone to the council or the administration, we’ve gotten them," said Aguillard.

In a written statement sent to KATC by the Lafayette Police Association, leaders say they are "very appreciative" of the council’s support. 

Right now fifteen officers are in training. Union leaders say they are planning to hold talks with council members to discuss possible new hires.