LUS Fiber warns of false claims from telecom salesmen

Posted at 11:59 AM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 12:59:07-04

LUS Fiber officials say salesmen for other telecom companies are telling lies to get customers. 

Today, LUS Fiber issued a press release "warning Lafayette citizens about scam sales claims being made to local residents from people representing other telecommunications companies."

Over the past several weeks, LUS Fiber has received numerous reports that sales agents representing another telecom provider are indicating that Lafayette’s community-owned LUS Fiber business is in the process of being acquired, the release states. 

"According to alarmed LUS Fiber customers, the statements are being made by door-to-door sales representatives who are stating that LUS Fiber will be sold within the next 3 months forcing current customers to switch to other service providers. Initially, LUS Fiber staff thought these were isolated instances, but it is now clear that the number of these false reports is increasing," the release states.  

“Lafayette residents are being targeted by one of our competitors, and unfortunately, these aggressive sales tactics are creating alarm and confusion for LUS Fiber customers. These rumors are completely false. On the contrary, LUS Fiber is a profitable enterprise, generating enough net revenues to expand its system into new territories.  It is absolutely not for sale,” stated Terry Huval, Director of LUS Fiber.

Sales scams like this occur across the country.  If you are concerned that you are being targeted by such scams, please contact the Federal Trade Commission – which works to protect consumers and prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices – to report your experience and file an official complaint. You can find out how to file an FTC complaint by clicking here

The release states that "LUS Fiber has maintained an A+ bond rating from Standard & Poors, and is a financial and community success."

LUS Fiber is 100 percent owned by its customers, and the bonds that were sold to create it were approved by voters. It’s a part of the Lafayette City-Parish Government.