Police: Lafayette man honored for disarming robber

Posted at 3:28 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 16:28:21-04

A Lafayette man was honored last month by a police department for intervening in a burglary after shots were fired at a Holiday Inn Express in Janesville, Wisconsin last year.

Jason Cullins received a law enforcement service award from the Janesville Police Department on March 3 for taking a gun away from a suspect and potentially saving lives, according to police.

Cullins, a truck driver, was in Janesville on November 21, 2017, to deliver trucks to Morgan Corp., reported The Gazette.

Police say Cullins was watching TV in his hotel room when he heard gunshots and a woman screaming in the hallway.

He thought someone was hurt so he ran out of his room, still in his underwear, and saw two people fighting, according to police.

Cullins grabbed the gun from the woman and held on to the slide to keep the bullet from firing a third time, according to The Gazette. Police say Cullins told the two to get on the ground until police arrived. 

According to the newspaper, Latoya Hill met the victim at the hotel after he contacted her on a dating website.
When Hill arrived at the room with another person, she allegedly robbed the man at gunpoint. Hill and the victim got into a fight, with Hill firing the gun twice at the man, missing both times. Hill fled the scene after Cullins fought her for the weapon and took it away.

Latoya Hill was later arrested on charges of attempted first-degree homicide and armed robbery.