Louisiana Avenue expansion project to bring new traffic and business to North Lafayette

Posted at 6:24 AM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 07:24:57-04

Those traveling along Louisiana Avenue near I-10 will probably see some construction going on.

A multi-million dollar expansion project is happening on the north-side of town that will bring new businesses and help the community.

The expansion will also include a Canes Chicken, Super One Foods, a Walk-in-Clinic, and more. 

Lafayette City-Parish District 4 Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux explained a bit more about the 30 plus acre development. 

"The development is going to house Brookshires with groceries and gas and fuel opportunities for people traveling the interstate," says Boudreaux. "We’re going to have retailers, shopping opportunities, food opportunities, so we’re going to be touching on hospitality, IT among other things. That will bring a significant amount of jobs, and sustain those jobs long into our future."

From Carmel Drive all the way north to Gloria Switch, Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux says Louisiana Avenue is being reconstructed to better serve the community.

"Everything improves when you have good economic development. It’s just good for north Lafayette at this time," says Boudreaux. "We’ve got the state investing money, we’ve got the parish investing money, the city investing money and the private sector is investing money all to the benefit of the entire community."

Although the construction site doesn’t look like much now, Boudreaux says this is going to bring hundreds of jobs to the area and locals say this is necessary for the north side of Lafayette

Anthony Daniels who lives and works along Louisiana Avenue says that new construction and businesses in the area will help drive the traffic back to the north side.  Daniels owns a snowball stand in the area and says the expansion is long overdue.

"Since the Northside has not been a top priority for some people, it’s just like any other neighborhood," says Daniels. "You want to have all the conveniences as close by as possible, and not have to drive five or ten miles to get the basic necessities to live."

The construction project is expected to be ready and open by late 2019/ early 2020.