Village of Parks mayor answers questions about brown water

Posted at 6:50 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 19:50:07-04

Residents in the village of Parks reached out to KATC saying their water is often a brownish color and they want to know what’s causing it. 

They say the water is clear just as often as it’s discolored, and the mayor says the issues are nothing new.

"We inherited the issues with the water," says Mayor Kevin J Kately, adding discolored water has been a problem for years. He says the village is doing what it can to flush out the issue.

"We invested in automatic flushers, we’re flushing probably five times as much as they ever did before, but we are trying to clean the system out," says Kately.

The most surefire solution to the problem would be building a second well. Unfortunately, Kately says, the village just doesn’t have the money for a project like that. 

"That’s a five million dollar project, where we can’t afford that so the customer would have to take the hit on it. That’s what we’re trying not to do. We don’t want to raise these customers’ prices double or triple," says Kately.

The good news, Kately says, the water’s color is naturally occurring, so residents should not be worried.

"We do tests once a month, and we pass all our tests, so it’s not harmful. Now the brown look, the brownish-reddish look, that’s iron. So it’s not harmful,"

The village has a sign up link where residents can go to get text and email alerts about flushing in their area.