Morgan City High School choir to see changes

Posted at 6:42 PM, May 25, 2018

In St. Mary Parish, a choir program serving three schools will see some changes next year.

Choral programs for Morgan City High, Morgan City Junior High, and Berwick Junior High Schools will be offered to students in the "talented program," and that has choir members concerned.

"There have been so many others that have reached out, even alumni, that called school board members that said listen, give us an accurate number, we will give you the funding," says Beth Anne Dupuy, who has been directing the choir at Morgan City High for 17 years. She also grew up in the program.

"I prep them for auditions for honor choir, all state honor choir, we do festival performances," says Dupuy. Now, she says her role with the program is in limbo.

"I asked administration Monday morning may I stop by and sign my contract, he told me that we would no longer be having a choir, that he had cut my position because he had to cut five and I was one to go," says Dupuy.

Superintendent Leonard Armato says that change is the result of budget cuts. He wouldn’t comment on Dupuy’s status as a teacher, citing personnel rules.

Dupuy says she’s disappointed that a tradition at Morgan City High could go by the wayside.