‘Just Checking on You’ is a lifeline for seniors in Scott

Posted at 6:01 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 19:01:57-04

SCOTT, La — For more than a decade the Scott Police Department has been making phone and house calls to elderly residents to make sure they’re safe. The program entitled ‘Just Checking on You’ is currently being helmed by Scott Police Chief Chad Leger who makes regular house calls himself.

"One of the things we face here in Scott is we have a lot of elderly widowed individuals," said Leger.  "They don’t necessarily need to live in a nursing home. They’re still capable of moving around on their own and doings things for themselves but they just need to be checked on."

The Scott Police Department says the goals of the program are to educate and assist elderly citizens in everything from crime prevention to hurricane preparedness. And even though it’s become just part of the job for law enforcement here in Scott, Chief Leger says it’s really much more than that.

"Recently we’ve had one of our members who passed. And the daughter told me at the service "you know it’s just nice to know that as busy as [we] are in [our] lives that someone else was checking on [our] father," Leger said.

For more information on the program you can head to the Scott Police Department’s website at: