Family of Turkey Creek shooting victim searching for answers

Posted at 9:50 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 22:50:56-04

The family of a shooting victim wants to know why his alleged killer is not in jail.

That shooting happened Friday night in Turkey Creek. The victim, Edwin Wesley Snoddy died at the scene. Deputies detained the alleged shooter briefly after the incident happened.

"He was shot in the chest and left for dead," said Lee Snoddy, the nephew of the victim.

Edwin Wesley Snoddy died in front of his house.

Relatives say he was shot over an argument about a woman. That gunfight, waking neighbors late Friday night.

"I heard the shots, was asleep, got up, put on some shorts, came down and I saw my uncle on the ground. He expired very soon after that," said Dennis Snoddy, another nephew of the victim.

"Well I was right across the pasture there when it happened and heard four shots, rapid shots, from one gun, not two. Then the car lights sped away and then horn blowing and screaming so I came over here in my truck and he was laying on the ground dead. No one was here except him and his family. The killer had done left," said Andy Chaddarck, a neighbor who heard the whole incident.

Deputies released the alleged shooting after questioning him.

Now, Snoddy’s friends and family want to know why.

"[The shooter] was not even detained overnight. He shot somebody, left the scene. Just for the safety of the village, we have to stick together. If you have an issue like this, how can someone shoot somebody and get out the next day?" questioned Lee.

"An action like this, and he seems to have intent to do it again, does not need to be free and walking around without somebody making sure our community is safe," said Dennis.

We’re not identifying the alleged shooter because he is not yet facing charges.

The shooting remains under investigation. Call the Evangeline Sheriff’s Office if you have information.