Accused cop killer’s trial delayed; judge recused

Posted at 12:58 PM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 13:58:55-04

The first-degree murder trial of the man accused of killing State Trooper Steven Vincent has been delayed by the state Supreme Court.

The court granted a motion by Kevin Daigle’s lawyers to recuse Judge Guy Bradberry from the case. 

KPLC reports that Daigle was scheduled to begin trial yesterday in Vincent’s 2015 death. The state is seeking the death penalty. 

But the Supreme Court decided that Bradberry should be recused from the case because he knows Vincent’s widow, KPLC reports. 

The supreme court finds that while there has been no allegation or showing that Judge Bradberry harbors any actual bias, the circumstances require recusal as a constitutional safeguard against the risk of bias, the station reports. 

Lead prosecutor Rick Bryant says he’s extremely disappointed, especially for Vincent’s family.

"Tonight Kevin Daigle will be happy and smiling in his cell, and Katherine and her son Ethan are devastated.  They’re in tears, they’re upset not knowing if this will ever end.  It is the human element that sometimes we forget about.  While the person who murdered Trooper Vincent is happy, the family is suffering immensely tonight and there’s nothing I can say to help them through that," Bryant told KPLC.

The court says the record shows Bradberry had a longtime working relationship with Vincent’s widow, a court employee and that she will be a witness in the penalty phase of the trial.

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