CODOFIL receives international award

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 18:40:43-04

CODOFIL, the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, has been awarded the 19th International Achievement Award.

CODOFIL is the Louisiana State agency for promoting French language, heritage and culture.

The ceremony took place at Jefferson Street Pub in downtown Lafayette. 

Established in 1998, the International Achievement Award honors an outstanding individual, company, or organization that has significantly enhanced the international reputation of Lafayette and Acadiana through international commerce, tourism, art, and music or goodwill ambassadorship. Past recipients of the award were: Louis J. Michot, Jr. ; Robert John Angers, Jr.; Zachary Richard; J. S. "Si" Brown III; Warren Perrin; Enrique Herrera; Matt Stuller; Dailey J. Berard; C & C Technologies, Inc.; Margaret McMillan; Festival International de Louisiane; Frank’s Casing Crew and Frank’s International; LAGCOE; Gary P. Lagrange and Eugene J. Schreiber; Oil Center Research International; Acadiana Bed and Breakfast hoteliers of Acadiana; Festivals Acadiens et Créoles; Dud Lastrapes and Phil Lank; and Robert Dafford.

The selection of the award recipient and presentation ceremony are conducted by the Lafayette International Center.

The Lafayette International Center was created as a division of the City of Lafayette in October of 1989.  The goals of the Lafayette International Center are to enhance Lafayette’s global reputation and vibrancy through more international opportunities for the Lafayette City-Parish government, business community and citizenry; to strengthen the community by promoting the area’s culture and heritage; and to increase global knowledge and international trade and talent opportunities.