Canadian youth choir to perform at Festival International 

Posted at 6:09 PM, Apr 25, 2018

Festival International brings in people from all over the world. Some of the younger generations are learning how music is a universal language. 

French immersion students from Myrtle Place Elementary are meeting with a youth choir from New Brunswick, Canada. 

The two groups of students are from different countries. However, they have a lot more in common. 

"I really like music," Kendalynn Butler of Myrtle Place Elementary said. "I like to hear music in different languages." 

The children share a love for music and french language. They are celebrating the two with festival international. 

"We’re looking forward to discovering Lafayette and more of Louisiana," Director of Les Jeunes Chanteurs d’Acadie Nadine Hébert said. "It is a first time for them all to be in Lafayette and Louisiana. We were so looking forward to coming here and to visit and to learn more about the culture and to connect with our cajun roots, because we are of Acadian decent." 

Music teacher at Myrtle Place Jimmy Louis Marie added, "It’s good for the kids at Myrtle Place to listen to what’s going on around the world. This is a good vision for the school." 

The music is not only bringing the children together, but helping them learn more about their culture. 

"The French language as we all know, has been somewhat lost in Louisiana," Hébert said. "We’re seeing it return with the help from French immersion schools." 

Below is Les Jeunes Chanteurs d’Acadie’s schedule during their visit to Acadiana.
April 25:  Performance and workshops at Myrtle Place Elementary, Lafayette  11 a.m.
                  Performance at Randol’s Restaurant, Lafayette   6 p.m.
April 26:  Performance at Vermilionville, Lafayette   1 p.m.        
                  Festival International Opening Ceremonies with Zachary Richard
                     Scène International  7:15 pm
April 28:  Mass at the Church of Saint Martin de Tours, Saint Martinville   4 p.m.
                  Followed by free concert in the church  5 p.m.
April 29:  Mass at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist with Bishop Deshotel, Lafayette  11 a.m.
                  Festival International :  Scène des Jeunes  1:45 p.m.
                  Festival International :  Scène International  3:30 pm  (Tribute to Congrès Mondial Acadien)