Festival International passes enhance experience for some while keeping it free for others

Posted at 8:31 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 21:31:31-04

If you want to skip lines and get front row seats for this year’s Festival International you can take advantage of the festival passes.

Festival passes play a big role in keeping festival international free for patrons.

"They’re still fairly new but people love them,” said Festival International Marketing Director Carly Viator.

There are two types of passes; The Lagniappe and The Bon Temp.

A Lagniappe pass includes private AC restrooms and express beverage lines.

A Bon Temps pass will get you both of those perks plus stage access, shaded seating, protected front row viewing, side stage viewing and access to a Bon Temp pass member only restricted area.

The Lagniappe Pass goes for $65.00 while the Bon Temps Pass is $200.00. For where to purchase your Festival pass, click here

In addition to buying passes, you can help fuel the festival by buying merchandise such as the annual poster and pin.

The official artist of the poster and pin is made by New Orleans visual artist, Mollie Wallace.

Olivia Perillo and last year’s festival artist Cayla Zeek painted the downtown Lafayette letters based off of Wallace’s official festival art this year.

"We just sketched out all the letters and picked out elements that we wanted from the poster and put them in a cohesive order as we wanted.” explained Painter Olivia Perillo.

With 300,000 patrons and artists from 20 countries there will be a whole spectrum of sights, sounds, colors, and feeling at this year’s festival.

If you want to help out, Viator says there’s plenty of volunteering opportunities still available to sign up for.