Wounded deputy back in ICU, family reports

Posted at 2:04 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 15:04:07-04

Officer Nick Tullier, one of the officers shot during an ambush in Baton Rouge in 2016, is back in ICU today. 

Tullier, 42, was one of six law enforcement officers shot in the July ambush. Three officers, two Baton Rouge Police officers and one East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s deputy, died. Tullier suffered gunshot wounds to his head and abdomen and was in critical condition for some time in a Baton Rouge hospital. He was later transferred to a rehab facility in Houston. 

On Sunday, the Nick Tullier Strong Facebook page, which keeps his followers, friends and supporters informed as to his condition, reported that Tullier was taken to the emergency room. 

"Had a busy Sunday. Due to the continuing O2 problems, we had to take Nick to the ER yesterday just before 1 pm. Tests showed definite pneumonia in both lungs, and docs decided to admit Nick into ICU," his family wrote on the page.

After some time in ER, he was placed on a machine to assist in breathing and lower his carbon dioxide levels. This caused other problems, and he was intubated and transferred to ICU, his family reports. Today, he’s reported to be breathing a little better, and his oxygen levels are improved. 

"Please continue to Pray for ALL Members of the Blue Family including Nick; All Warriors of God. Continue to Pray for Our Military and All First Responders wherever they may be. Pray ALL return home safely to their families when their shift or tour is over," the family wrote. "All Aboard the Miracle Express, Nick’s Prayer Train. Tickets available to anyone wanting to ride, Free For A Prayer. If You are Praying for Nick, You automatically are a Passenger. Prayer Warriors Everywhere Helped Produce A Miracle. WATCH AS NICK’S MIRACLE CONTINUES." 

Donations may be made via PayPal at: There’s a GoFundMe account here

Donations also can be mailed to: 
Deputy Nick Tullier
P.O. Box 938 
Denham Springs, La 70727

If there’s a branch of Whitney bank near you, you can make a deposit directly into the Nick Tullier benefit account. 

Finally, friends have organized a Crawfish Cook-Off fundraiser which will be held in Denham Springs on May 19. There’s information about buying tickets, or entering a team in the contest on the Facebook page